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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Meet this Fast rising musician and music Producer

Mhistar P. Natively Called ANKELI PETER ECHO.
Remember this day when you first mentioned the name 'Mhistar P'!! Natively known as 'ANKELI PETER ECHO'.
A Nigerian Vocalist, Singer/Songwriter, Performing Artist, Record Producer/ Sound Engineer, 'Mhistar P' was born into a musical family.
Mhistar P who was also known back in the days as 'JAMBOREE, PETSLO', began his music career as early as age 5, playing percussions at the local church.
Aside the musical art, Mhistar P is a great Painter & Sketcher.
At the age of 6, He already started writing and singing his own songs, being a member of his family music band,  'The Glory Land Singers'.
In his early life away from home, in the streets, Mhistar P formed band groups with other friends such as ' Natures' Prodigy' with Wizdizy of Orgnoiz, Eny Matty & Mr Eddible. However after their high school the group splitted as members went onto different colleges & cities.
But that's no longer the story as two of the members, 'Mhistar P & Orgnoiz' are said to have a lot of collaboration for 2018 already.
He was also part of 'PETGREG', 'BOYFRIENDS',  'SOULQUEST Of YWAP'.
Mhistar P's early life was also greatly influenced musically by R Kelly, better known as KeLs  now! Listening to Mhistar P sing, without visuals, one may be forced to think you are listening to American multiple Grammy Award Winner Robert Kelly himself.
The artist who is until now an active vocalist, a chorister and a band director, decided to go into music production in 2011, haven been an active instrumentalist since 2007.
Elementary: St. John's Anglican Nursery and Primary school.
High school: Wesley High School Otukpo.
Bagged his HND in Graphic Art from Benue State Polytechnic Ugbokolo in 2015. Had his NYSC in Sokoto back in 2016.
Mhistar P is an indigene of Benue state. Idoma to be precise. Otukpo L.G.A
Born into a family of 7, and the 6th child, Mhistar P was raised in Otukpo.
Record producer.
Sound Engineer.
Vocalist & a performing artist.
Genre:Gospel, Afro, Afro pop, Afro Highlife blend, Trap, Hip-Hop.
Instruments Played:
Piano, Drums, Acoustic guitar
Birthday: Born 7th Sept.
Years Active! 2007- Present!
Artist & Brand company Affiliation:
Orgnoiz, DJ Kani, Adap, Dave Worship, The big fish, Sheriff, Slim Prinz, Ijamz Otigba, Jopas musik, Eminence, Eny Matty, Suny Sounds, Peti, Injector, Jairus, Young Rabbi, Kelvin Great, Sam Crucifix, Emeka Jesus, Franklin, Moses King, J Pat, Nice Kid, Jimmy Jack, Deola Taylor, Omizeal, Hostmen, Bwhyte.. The list is endless..
Facebook:IamMhistar P Ankeli
Instagram: mhistar_p
Twitter: @AnkeliTips

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