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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

3 things a man will do if he truly in love with you

You don’t need to be a prophet to know when a man is in love with you. You don’t need to keep asking him because his actions will always prove it. There’s also puppy love which is all cute but it doesn’t last, then there is unconditional love that usually overcomes more than you would expect.
There are 3 major things a man who loves you will always do, despite his flaws he will still do these things. You will not have to bend over backward for him because he strives to be a part of your life.
1. Provide for you:
He will provide for you based on how much he has. If you can rely on your man in times of financial need then he is good for you. If he loves you he will not want to see you suffer and will try as much as possible to make sure you are comfortable.
2. Protect you:
A man who loves you is very protective, he feels hurt when you’re hurt and is there for you. When you’re sick he can even take you to the hospital because he cares. He is concerned about your well-being and wants you to be safe.
3. Profess his love for you:
He will tell everyone about you from his family to his friends. He is not ashamed of you because you’re his gem. He is never ashamed or scared to give you a title, either as his wife, girlfriend or fiancee. It is wise and important to know where a man has placed you in his life. When he loves you even with his many flaws he will always find a way to love and appreciate you.

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