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Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Getting a girl to like you is not really an easy job. But nevertheless, there are many things to do to make that a reality. At first, you may hit a brick wall in your pursuit of making her to like you but if you don't get cold hearted along the way you will get what you wish for.
Bellow are the few tips to abide by in order to make your heart desire come through.

1.know the kind of girl you want: a lady is one thing, but knowing the specific girl u you're looking for is another thing.
So here is the thing, have a clear picture of the girl in mind, that's when you will be able to spot her out from the the crowd when you see her.

2.Work on yourself: Meeting the girl of your dream is a sweet thing, but being the right man for her is far much sweeter.
It's a confirmed fact that likes attract likes, just like a magnet is always drawn to an iron, and that's because the iron is made of some sort of particles that the magnet can't reject, so it is with humans, there something we are made up of that the opposite sex finds interesting. So working on one's self is so vital.

3.Strategize: Getting to meet the girl of your dream is it self a goal that one needs to plan all through till the goal is achieved. Get to know as much as you can about the girl in question. Because if you don't know some things about her it will be difficult to launch an attack

4.Believe: what you believe becomes your reality. You have to believe from deep within that she can be yours. Because the mind has the ability to attract whatever it wants, the mind works in like fashion when it comes to meeting people that we desire in life too.

5.Act: knowing the exact girl you want, believing you can get her, working on yourself, etc without action is totally a waste of time.
To make things happen one needs to be proactive, one needs to be fearless, because when it comes to the issue of approaching a lady, i know a whole lot of guys that finds it a difficult task. But meeting the girl of your  dream is not just an ordinary event of life, but a necessity..

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